No One Gets out Alive: Morality, Terrorism and IPA

By Harry Tinders
Book description

This is social commentary, aimed at adults, with a possible cross-over to younger adults. Specifically, generation X, as it is too late for the boomers. Male and female readers have enjoyed it.

I struggle with categorizing my book but the closest I can get is that it is a realistic contemporary action thriller with a bit of sci-fi and humour chucked in for fun. It stands at a little over 39,000 words.

On one level, it is a story about our society and the mistakes we are making but it is also about the personal journey that each of us must take, in order to evolve as individuals and, from that, as a species.

The story revolves around a would-be terrorist and his intended victims. We look at what brought him to the place where he thought killing was a good idea. More than that, we explore why it really isn’t a good idea, the true consequences of his actions and his alternatives.

Furthermore, it is commentary on what we are doing in Western Society and how we give rise to such people. It might seem very obvious but everyone is so enveloped in their own beliefs that they are unable to see the passion and beauty in those around them. We tend to dismiss those that differ from us, when we should be learning from them.

It is also very much about the polarisation of society, through politics, belief and thought. I explore the reasons why and the book gives a clear warning about the dangers of binary thinking.

The central characters give a starting point for fixing things but do not provide answers. The point of this story is to hold a mirror and allow us to see ourselves.

From the Inside Flap

So, it’s the weekend, you are free from your boring job. You have done all your chores and now you just want to relax in your favourite bar, with a nice pint of IPA and read a book – or maybe just surf the web. Sounds good?

You get there and have just settled in, when the bar is taken over by an armed terrorist. He intends to attack a stadium, filled with thousands of people. Then, he wants to kill you and destroy the building you are in. It turns out that, even though you have never met him, this guy hates you. You personally.

No one gets out alive is a commentary on the polarisation of society around politics, belief and thought; it explores the dangers of binary thinking.

This is a book about what we are doing with our time here on earth.

Because, after all, no one gets out alive.

From the Back Cover

This is not a science fiction book. I mean it – I’m not being ironic or trying to trick you into buying a science fiction book, disguised as a not-science fiction book. If you have read the prologue, you could be forgiven for thinking that but, no.   

There are just two aliens in the whole book and only one of them features in the action. The rest is all humans and it all takes place on Earth. These aliens are just a literary device. They could have been Buddhist monks but that wouldn’t work because … well, read the story and you will see.

So, if it isn’t science fiction, then what is it?

Well, it is not a crime thriller, a self-help book or a love story, although there is a tiny hint of romance. But you will find politics, philosophy, religion, atheism, feminism, racism, fascism, love, war, death, social justice, sex, terrorism, a cry across the aeons from an antediluvian civilisation … and a delightful read.

I can say that last bit without conceit because Frank told me the whole thing. I mean, it practically wrote itself.

But it won’t read itself. I’m counting on you for that.

About the author

Harry was born in a cave in deepest Hertfordshire and raised by wild animals. Starved of human contact as a child, he compensated by reading voraciously and it soon became clear that he was quite intelligent but rather unstable.

Forsaking a successful career in aviation safety management, Harry decided to become a full-time writer and yoga instructor. Well, not so much decided as got let go. Whatever, it worked out. Or it will if you buy his books.

Harry speaks three languages fluently. Unfortunately, only one of them is real and can be understood by other people, so he writes in English.

Harry lives in Verdun. No, not that one. The other one. In Quebec. Yes, that one.

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Charles Remington
No One Gets Out Alive
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I thoroughly enjoyed No One Gets Out Alive. It is a fine book written by an intelligent, thoughtful, talented author. It was a joy to review, well-written in a clear, uncluttered style. Hugely entertaining, with the narrative moving along at a brisk pace, crammed with bright insights and flashes of sometimes acerbic humour. This novel will challenge and entertain you; a rare combination and well worth the time spent on it.
Grant Leishman
No One Gets Out Alive
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This is a highly readable book that questions everything you've convinced yourself may or may not be right about life and makes you think about it as part of an interesting fictional story. This lifts the book above its compatriots in the genre - philosophy mixed in with a bit of action. You can't go wrong with that. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it.
Lesley Jones
No One Gets Out Alive
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No One Gets Out Alive by Harry Tinders is so compelling it is definitely worth a second read as the subjects raised are powerful, thought-provoking, and profound. The dialogue flowed beautifully and, at times, was extremely poignant. I was so impressed with how the question of freedom of choice, culpability, and responsibility for actions was covered. The ending was a surprising twist and absolutely excellent.
Louise Morency
No One Gets Out Alive
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First of all, I want to say that I really liked this book. The writing is intelligent, imaginative and colourful. The characters are very well described and above all very endearing. It deals with, among other things, philosophical questions such as religion versus science, moral principles, the reason for existence on earth and always with a certain dose of humour tinged with a touch of irony. The author skilfully manages to make us question our own morality, our principles and the meaning we give to our own life. This book will not leave you unchanged and I highly recommend it. It is a real gem.
Lisa McCombs
No One Gets Out Alive
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No One Gets Out Alive: Morality, Terrorism and IPA by Harry Tinders goes beyond its designated genre. Consistent underlying humor propels No One Gets Out Alive in a variety of thematic directions. As the main character, Frank hosts his controversial radio debates, the reader recognizes the irony of his public arguments. With his comfortable flow of narrative, author Harry Tinders directly aligns the philosophies of visiting alien Q’aa’l with the rantings of the everyday radio listener. The rhetoric of Q’aa’l’s attitude that nothing really matters, yet all actions/non-actions have consequences will linger in the reader's subconscious long after the last page is turned.